Son La police grant first new ID cards to citizens

Police in Son La province on July 5 handed over the first new ID cards to citizens in line with legal regulations.

Since July 1, police and localities have implemented the 2023 Law on ID Cards, and received applications for ID card issuance. After five days, as many as 2,857 applications have been submitted. As of July 5, police have granted more than 500 ID cards to citizens.

 A citizen receives his ID card from a police officer.

Chip-based ID cards are integrated with necessary information of citizens, thereby creating favourable conditions for them to carry out civil transactions, digital transformation, administrative reform, and especially personal authentication. Cards issued before the effective date of this law will remain valid until their printed expiration date, unless citizens want to renew them.

A Muong La district police officer hands over ID cards to citizens under 14.

Local police are working to promote the issuance of new ID cards, as well as residents’ use in daily activities./.



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