Savings Depositing Week: Joining hands for the poor

The Board of Directors of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies branch in Son La province (VBSP Son La) on March 25 organised a ceremony to launch the Savings Depositing Week, themed “Joining hands for the poor”.

At the launching ceremony of the Savings Depositing Week 2024.

The programme takes place from March 25 to April 25, with its peak time from March 25 to March 31. Each organisation, individual, and business participates in the programme by opening a savings book with a minimum of 500,000 VND (20.4 USD), depositing in installments or with a deposit term of 1-12 months or more. Its purpose is to encourage businesses, agencies, units, officials, civil servants, public employees, workers, youth union members, young people and residents from all walks of life to deposit their savings at the bank, creating financial resources to meet the loan needs of the poor and other policy beneficiaries.

Provincial leaders praise individuals who use loans effectively.
Youth union members of the province's armed forces open savings books at the launching ceremony.

Right at the launching ceremony, the provincial leaders, leaders of the departments and agencies, and many members of the local mass organisations opened savings books at VBSP Son La. As of 11 a.m. the same day, hundreds of individuals, organisations and businesses deposited a total of over 18 billion VND (728,300 USD). Representatives of the VBSP Son La Board of Directors gave loans of 1 billion VND to 10 local poor households and policy beneficiary families.

 The Organising Committee grants loan support to local poor households and policy families.

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