Area of ​​perennial trees in Son La remains stable

Since the beginning of 2024, localities in Son La province have focused on protecting raw agricultural product areas, especially the fruit tree area. The work of issuing and maintaining growing area codes to ensure quality and safety to serve processing for factories, domestic and foreign markets continues to receive due attention.

Farmers in Tan Lap commune, Moc Chau district pick tea leaves.

Currently, the total area of ​​perennial crops in Son La province reaches 104,094 hectares, a year-on-year increase of 1.85%, equal to 1,888 hectares, of which the fruit tree area totals 70,977 hectares, up 0.91%; and the area of ​​perennial industrial crops is estimated at 31,861 hectares, up 3.69%. In the first six months of this year, the mango output in the whole province was estimated at 61,354 tonnes; plum 82,500 tonnes; banana 29,766 tonnes; tea 15,722 tonnes; and rubber 696 tonnes.





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