Phu Yen "digitises" organic rice products

In 2024, Phu Yen district has successfully attached QRcode and EGAP electronic diary to rice products in 50 households, with 8.22 hectares of 128 plots in the "My home field" model.

Attaching QRcode and EGAP electronic diary to rice fields.

Each household's rice plot has a QR code. Using a smartphone to scan the code, consumers can know the address of the production site, the name of the household, the types of fertilizer used, the fertilization time, and the harvest date.

The outstanding advantage of the QRcode and EGAP application is to record farming work with images quickly and conveniently in replace of paper diary. Farming information is stored online. It also allows the integration of GS1 codes or payment codes for supermarkets and agents.

According to the district People's Committee, in the 2024 spring rice crop, thanks to the application of QRcode and EGAP, the value of Phu Yen organic rice products has increased by 5,000-7,000 VND per kg compared to traditional products. The "digitisation" has contributed to improving the competitiveness of products in the market.


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