Six new growing area codes granted to serve exports

Since the beginning of the year, the Plant Protection Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has granted six new planting area codes to Son La province in service of exports, raising the total number in the locality to 293.

 Farmers in Hat Lot commune, Mai Son district are taking care of their mango orchard.

In addition, 82 export growing area codes, covering ​​56 hectares, were reviewed and revoked as they have failed to meet set conditions.

Son La has maintained 211 such codes, with a combined area of ​​3,085 hectares, mainly mango, longan, banana, plum, macadamia, dragon fruit, and passion fruit, of them 126 codes for export to China, 31 to the US, 39 to Australia, nine to New Zealand, three to the EU and three to other markets./.


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