Son La province boosts production, processing, sale and export of agricultural products

Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong, who is head of the provincial Steering Committee for production, processing, sale and export of agricultural products (Steering Committee 598), chaired a conference in Song Ma district on July 3 to review the committee’s performance in the first six months of 2024 and launch tasks in the second half.

Currently, the whole province has 82,026 hectares of fruit and hawthorn trees. Of which, over 63,100 hectares are under harvest with an output of more than 379,000 tonnes. It maintains 218 growing area codes and 10 packaging facility codes, including 211 for export to China, Australia and the US, with a total area of ​​3,085 hectares, alongside seven cultivation area codes, with 96.2 hectares.

 At the conference launching tasks for the last six months of 2024 of the Steering Committee 598.

In the year to date, the province has sold 189,687 tonnes of fruits of all kinds (reaching 50% of the total yearly output), with an estimated value of over 2.45 trillion VND (96.2 million). It has completed the harvesting of some fruits, such as strawberry and plum; while mango, banana, passion fruit are under harvest.

Speaking at the conference, Cong requested members of the Steering Committee and People's Committees of districts and Son La city to focus on protecting raw agricultural product cultivation areas, especially fruit growing areas.

It is necessary to continue to issue and maintain growing area codes and ensure quality and safety of agricultural products for processing at factories, domestic consumption and export; boost trade promotion, develop consumption and export markets for agricultural products; strengthen the monitoring, analysis and forecasting of domestic and foreign markets to promptly adjust production plans, he said.

The province will form production and consumption chains between farmers, cooperatives and businesses, ensuring stable sale and limit market risks, he added.

Delegates visit a booth showcasing agricultural products of Song Ma district.



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