Son La’s fruit tree area expands by 941 hectares in 2023

The total area of fruit trees in Son La province reached 71,380 hectares in 2023, an increase of 1.12% (941 hectares) from the same period the previous year, reported the provincial Statistics Office.

Farmers in Sap Vat commune, Yen Chau district harvest mangoes.

Of which, the longan area was 19,729 hectares, up 0.01% year-on-year; plum 12,411 hectares, an increase of 1.88%; banana 6,103 hectares, up 4.54%; and custard apple 978 hectares, an rise of 17.83%. Only the mango area saw a drop of 1.12% (224 hectares) to 19,720 hectares.

The total fruit harvest was estimated to reach 437,423 tonnes, surging 24.09% (84,911 tonnes) year-on-year. Of which, longan output hit 137,781 tonnes, up 28.64%; mango 77,769 tonnes, soaring 66.61%; plum 96,147 tonnes, up 21.58%; and banana 61,342 tonnes, an increase of 5.05%.



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