Song Ma district focuses on spring crop production

This year's spring crop, Song Ma district planted over 1,790 hectares of rice, with the main varieties being fragrant sticky rice 86, sticky rice 86, 87, 97 and BC15, Dien Bien, Nhi Uu and Nghi Huong sticky rice. 

 Farmers in Chieng Khoong commune, Song Ma district prepare land for spring crop.

Local farmers have plowed 100% of the farming area; planted rice seedlings and sowed rice seeds on over 80% of the area. The district expects to complete rice sowing and growing by February 25. 
Son Ma has directed specialized agencies to send staff to communes to instruct farmers to soak rice seeds and prepare agricultural materials and fertilizers; and announce the planting schedule. 

The local authorities have urged dredging and upgrading irrigation ditches; and proactively preventing pests and diseases, ensuring a bumper and quality spring rice crop.



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