‘Cau mua’ festival held in Chieng Cang commune

Chieng Cang commune in Song Ma district on February 22 held the 2024 “Cau mua’ festival to pray for bumper crops.

The ritual of praying for bumper crops staged at the festival.

The festival was recreated in a theatrical form, consisting of two parts: rituals and festive activities. The rituals were performed by a shaman and local people. The tray of offerings includes rice, paddy, maize, wine, cloth, pork, chicken and some specialties of the commune. They are offered to the forest, sky, earth and hamlet gods to bless a year of favourable weather, and good agricultural production. The worshiping rituals took place solemnly and respectfully, bearing typical cultural features of the Thai ethnic group.

After the rituals, people participated in the festive part with sports competitions and folk games like cloth ball throwing and bamboo dance, rice planting and banh chung (square sticky rice cake) wrapping contests; and “great unity” and ‘xoe’ dances.

An embankment competition at the festival.
A rice planting contest.

The festival is a unique cultural and religious activity of people in Chieng Cang commune every spring, creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere in the first days of the new year, contributing to preserving and promoting cultural values of the Thai ethnic people for future generations.

 An ancient Thai ‘xoe’ performance.



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