Quynh Nhai: community cultural performances of ethnic groups

Community cultural performances of ethnic groups have taken place within the framework of the Quynh Nhai Culture, Sports and Tourism Week 2024, attracting a large number of local people and tourists.

Re-enacting Kin Pang Then festival of the White Thai people in Quynh Nhai.


Quynh Nhai sent 12 artisans and nearly 100 amateur artists to participate in these performances, including Thai xoe art, "Kin Pang Then" festival, folk songs of the Thai and Khang ethnic groups, thus bringing a unique cultural space for visitors. There was also the re-enactment of the Thai people's wrist thread tying ritual, which is often held on the Lunar New Year occasion to pray for good health, family harmony, and happiness in the new year.

 Performing a traditional Thai dance.

The can (tube) wine festival of the Khang ethnic group was re-enacted with solemn rituals and bustling festive activities, along with the group’s traditional dances.

A Xoe dance at the can wine festival.

These activities were organised with the purpose of honouring the beauty of traditional cultures and precious heritages of the ethnic groups, motivating and encouraging them to preserve and promote their cultures.



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