162 athletes compete in stick pushing at 12th Phu Dong Sports Games in Son La

As many as 162 athletes from 12 education and training bureaus of Son La city and districts, and 19 educational institutions under the provincial Department of Education and Training competed in the “day gay” (stick pushing) event at the provincial 12th Phu Dong Sports Games.

The final match in the women’s 44-47 kg category.
The winner of women’s 44-47 kg category.
The final match in the men’s 41-44 kg category.

With knockout competitions, secondary school representatives showed off their skills and strength in six weight classes for men and six others for women; and high school athletes in seven weight classes for men and seven others for women.

A coach prepares equipment for their students before competition.

As a traditional sport, stick pushing has been promoted throughout the country, including schools. Notably, it has been included in the list of official events at Phu Dong sports games at all levels.

The large number of participating athletes and their good quality have affirmed the spread of the traditional sport in schools.

Crowds come to cheer for athletes.

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