Running tournament celebrates workers' month, month promoting universal social insurance

The provincial Social Security Agency’s Trade Union on May 11 organised a running tournament to celebrate the Workers' Month and the Month promoting social insurance for all at Tay Bac (Northwest) Square in Son La city.

Participating in the race were nearly 80 members of the provincial Social Security Agency’s Trade Union, competing in the men's and women's 4-km events and running around the Northwest Square. The athletes must complete the competition within a maximum of 45 minutes from start to finish.

 Male athletes start the race.
Female athletes start the race.

With careful preparation and daily practice, all the runners completed their races, reaching the finish line on time and safely.

At the end, the Organising Committee awarded two first, two second and two third to the winners. It also gave prizes to the trade unions that enthusiastically responded to the tournament and had the most registering athletes, as well as to the oldest athletes.

The Organising Committee presents the first prizes to the male and female winners.


The Organising Committee presents prizes to the oldest male and female runners.

The tournament aimed to arouse pride and boost emulation movement among trade union members, contributing to promoting the campaign "All people take exercise following the example of great Uncle Ho", and improving health to excellently fulfill the assigned tasks.



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