Beauty contest celebrates New Year Festival of Mong ethnic people

The People's Committee of Van Ho commune, Van Ho district on January 20-21 coordinated with the Mong Van Ho Folk and Musical Instruments Club to organise a beauty and folk music and instruments contest in celebration of the traditional New Year Festival of the Mong ethnic group.

Beauties engage in the Mong ethnic costume performance.


Participating in the event were nearly 200 Mong ethnic people from Thuan Chau, Song Ma, Yen Chau and Moc Chau districts as well as contestants from other provinces like Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Hoa Binh. The contest featured folk singing and musical instrument playing competitions.

The beauty pageant included a show of traditional costumes and a talent contest in which contestants answered questions from organizers. In addition, there were folk games, cultural exchanges and love song performances.

The contest not only created a joyful and exciting atmosphere to welcome the traditional New Year of the Mong people, but also introduced the cultural identity of the ethnic group in Van Ho, thus promoting tourism development.

A rice sifting competition

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