Mong ethnic people in Bac Yen district celebrate Tet

The traditional Tet (Lunar New Year) festival of the Mong ethnic people began from the first day of the 12th lunar month. These days, the Mong ethnic people in the highland district of Bac Yen celebrate the traditional Tet in a joyful and excited atmosphere with many bustling activities.

 Mong ethnic people in Hong Ngai commune pound ‘banh day’.

Hang Chu and Muong Khoa communes have organized the Mong ethnic cultural festivals in 2024. Hamlets in Ta Xua, Lang Cheu, Xim Vang, Hong Ngai and Hang Dong communes have held art performances; volleyball and soccer matches, crossbow shooting, tu lu (a traditional version of spinning tops), pao throwing, and ‘banh day’ (round glutinous rice cake) pounding competitions.

Mong ethnic women in Xim Vang commune engage in ‘pao’ throwing.

During the traditional Tet holiday of the Mong ethnic people, the communes have counted poor households for timely support, ensuring all people could celebrate Tet. At the same time, they have encouraged people to actively prepare for new crop.

An air volleyball match at the Mong ethnic cultural festival in Hang Chu commune.

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