More than 300 children participate in "Children with Heritage" programme

The Son La provincial Museum on July 6 organised the "Children with Heritage" programme in 2024.

Children participate in activities at the "Children with Heritage" programme.

With the purpose of creating a new space for children to learn about Son La's cultural and historical heritage, the museum has arranged display areas scientifically, introducing various types of archaeological artifacts, history and traditional culture of ethnic groups, attracting many children to visit and experience.

Children study history at the museum.

Attending the programme, children joined a wide range of activities such as crossbow shooting game, drawing, colouring pebbles, colouring folk paintings, making shapes with modeling clay, painting statues and hunting for dinosaur fossils. The programme attracted more than 300 children in Son La city.

Children take part in the crossbow shooting game.

This activity is organised annually by the provincial museum to create a healthy and useful playground for children during summer, thereby helping diversify conservation and museum activities, introduce various types of Son La's cultural heritage, foster children's passion and love for learning culture and history, and cultivate the young generation’s love for the homeland and the country.

Children make shapes with modeling clay.

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