Nang Han Festival held in Muong Trai commune

Muong Trai commune in Muong La district on March 23-24 organised the Nang Han (Miss Han) Festival 2024, attracting a large number of people and tourists.

Nang Han Festival in Muong Trai commune.
Arranging a feast at ethnic cuisine competition.
Boat racing at Nang Han Festival.

During the ritual part, the shaman offered incense at the Nang Han Temple, with offerings such as buffalo meat, ‘can’ wine (a type of wine stored in a big jar and drunk with long bamboo straws), flowers, fruits, betel and areca to invite female general Miss Han and deities to attend and receive the offerings by local people to pray for peace and happiness in the locality, and prosperity and health for themselves.

The festive part took place with art and cultural activities, and unique ethnic games, attracting the participation and encouragement of a large number of people and tourists, such as boat racing, crossbow shooting, stilt walking, and catching ducks while being blindfolded. It also displayed booths introducing local agricultural products and dishes.

The festival is held annually to preserve and promote traditional cultural values and introduce unique cultural features as well as potential and strengths in tourism development of Muong Trai commune.


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