Nearly 500 people perform Xoe Thai dance at festival in Muong Khoa commune 

Nearly 500 artisans and amateur artists performed Xoe, a folk dance of the Thai ethnic group, during the first Xoe Thai Dance Festival, which took place in Muong Khoa commune, Bac Yen district on March 22-23.

The festival featured a thanksgiving ritual and festive activities. The thanksgiving ritual, performed by local reputable people, worshipped river and mountain gods, and commemorated national heroes who contributed to building hamlets. Locals also prayed for good weather conditions, bumper crops, and prosperity and happiness.

The festive activities included such folk games as nem con (throwing a ball through a ring for good luck), keo co (tug of war), and di ca kheo (walking on stilts), along with pieu scarf weaving and knitting contests and culture camps, the display of local agricultural products, gong performances, and Thai singing and culinary competitions. They attracted crowds of visitors. 

Artisans and artists perform a Xoe Thai dance 

Notably, the audience was treated to the mass performance of a Xoe Thai dance by nearly 500 artisans and amateur artists. 

The festival helped introduce the land and people of Muong Khoa commune, spur local tourism development, and promote the good cultural values ​​of ethnic groups in Bac Yen district. At the same time, it contributed to preserving and upholding the cultural values ​​and unique beauty of ethnic costumes, and local heritage.

Organisers present prizes to participating teams at the festival.


At the end of the festival, organisers presented first, second, third and consolation prizes to outstanding teams in seven activities./.



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