Sop Cop people pray for bumper crops

Sop Cop commune in Sop Cop district held a festival on April 20-22 to pray for bumper crops

Preparing offerings for the crop-praying ritual.
The ritual of praying for bumper crops is reacted at the festival.

The crop-praying festival, also known as the "Xen Ban, Xen Muong" festival of the Thai ethnic people in Sop Cop commune, is held in the third lunar month every year to remember the founders of the village, give thanks to the ancestors who blessed the villagers with a peaceful year, and pray for favourable weather and good harvests.

It is held at the ‘ba’ (female deity) shrine and the ‘ong’ (male deity) shrine in Sop Cop hamlet, Sop Cop commune. The ritual includes "cung ty" at the ‘ba’ shrine, and “cung lac man” at the ‘ong’ shrine to beg the hamlet’s founders to bless the village with peace and joy, healthy men and women, and bumper crops.

Crowds participate in the crop-praying festival.

After the ritual part, people participated in the festive part with sports competitions and folk games, such as fish catching, cloth ball throwing, tug of war, and ‘to mak le’. Previously, on April 21, the People's Committee of Sop Cop commune organised an art programme featuring performances of folk songs and ethnic dances praising the love for the country as well and the nature and people of Sop Cop; together with booths displaying and promoting typical local agricultural products.

An art performance at the festival.
Booths introducing agricultural products of communes participating in the festival.
The fish catching competition.
The tug of war competition.
The cloth ball throwing.


‘Xoe’ dancing at the festival. 

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