Tet flower fair held in Son La city

A flower trade fair is being held at Tay Bac (Northwest) Square, Son La city by the municipal People’s Committee to welcome the Year of the Dragon 2024.

Delegates visit the flower trade fair.

This year’s fair features 60 booths displaying ornamental plants, flowers, fruits and essential products for Tet (Lunar New Year) from cooperatives, and production and business households inside and outside Son La province. They are arranged by region and type, making it convenient for management, and visitors’ shopping activities.

The event, held annually in the city on the occasion of Vietnam’s traditional Tet, is a chance to honour the diligence, patience, hard work, dynamism and creativity of farmers, and flower and ornamental plant artisans who create beautiful, attractive and unique products.

Visitors experience the Son La city flower trade fair.

The flower trade fair takes place from January 29 to February 9.



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