2024 “military semester” programme kicks off

The Youth Union and the Military Command of Son La province on July 9 held a ceremony to launch the 2024 “military semester” progrmame.

At the launching ceremony of the 2024 “military semester” programme.
Delegates at the launching ceremony of the 2024 “military semester” programme.

The programme takes place for seven days, from July 9 to 15, at Company 2, Battalion 1, Regiment 754 and a number of locations in the province. More than 40 students will learn military rules, how to use guns, movement positions on the battlefield, sports, martial arts, how to overcome obstacles, and first aid skills. In particular, they will visit the special national relic site of Son La Prison, and Tay Bac (Northwest) Square.

Students attending the 2024 “military semester” programme.

The program not only equips students with basic knowledge about national defence and security, but also creates an environment for them to exchange and learn from each other. Thereby, they have an opportunity to do exercise, hone necessary skills and understand more about the history and traditions of the army and the locality.

Students joining the “military semester” programme take a group photo with members of the organising committee.
Parents and students joining the “military semester” programme.

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