Lao district’s delegation visits, presents gifts to Yen Chau district ahead of Tet

A working delegation of Xiengkhor district, Laos’ Houaphanh province led by Chairman of the district People's Committee Vongxayxa Sinthong visited and delivered gifts to Yen Chau district the occasion of the Lunar New Year (Tet) 2024.

Leaders of Xiengkhor district visit and give Tet gifts to Yen Chau district.

Vongxayxa Sinthong wished Yen Chau officials and people good health and a happy New Year. He hoped the district will continue promoting the spirit of solidarity to lead the people to successfully carry out socio-economic development tasks set for 2024. In recent years, the special cooperation, solidarity and friendship between the two districts have always been enhanced, he noted.

In the coming time, Party committees and authorities at all levels of both sides will continue to popularise the special solidarity and friendship between the Parties and people of Vietnam and Laos in general, and the two districts in particular to their officials and residents.

The two districts will continue to create conditions for their mass organisations to exchange experience; strengthen the solidarity, cooperation, and mutual help in all fields; and well implement the agreement on border regulations to maintain and stabilise the security and order in both sides of the border.


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