Mai Son, Xiengkho districts hold 12th working session

Mai Son district and Xieng Kho district, Laos’ Houaphanh province held the 12th working session to evaluate the results of coordination in various fields in the 2022-2024 period and sign a memorandum of understanding for collaboration in 2024-2026.

 The 12th working session between Mai Son district and Xiengkho district.

Leaders of the two districts informed each other about the socio-economic development, defence and security situation, and Party building work; and evaluated the implementation of the contents in the cooperation minutes for the 2022-2024 period. The two districts have built, protected and nurtured traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation, while creating conditions for officials and people to boost exchanges and cooperation. The authorities of communes and hamlets in the border areas of the two districts have increased information exchange and maintained a stable border line; created conditions for investors to carry out projects and promote collaboration in all aspects based on the laws of each country. Their armed forces have regularly held periodic briefings to exchange situations, and organised patrols to protect the border line and national border markers.

Leaders of the two districts sign the minutes of the12th working session.

Mai Son and Xiengkho districts agreed to continue to direct and strengthen coordination in communication work and encouraging people to strictly implement the agreement on border regulations; strengthen friendly cooperation, boost trade, and promote the potential and advantages of the two districts.

They will continue to create conditions for and support businesses and cooperatives of both sides to explore investment cooperation opportunities in the fields of agriculture and rural areas, trade-investment, tourism, education and healthcare.

Xiengkho district will be supported in training and technical guidance in the fields of cultivation, animal husbandry and forestry. The two sides will create favorable conditions for Xiengkho officials and people to enjoy medical checkup and treatment in Mai Son.

They will continue to coordinate closely in defence and security; coordinate in solving the issues of free migration and illegal marriage in the border areas of the two countries; strengthen joint patrols to protect the border line and markers; and regularly exchange information and promptly resolve arising incidents to build a border area of peace, cooperation and development.


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