Meaningful activities held for Lao students in Son La on Bunpimay festival

The provincial Youth Union on April 15 organised cultural and sports exchange activities on the occasion of Laos’ traditional Bunpimay Festival 2024 for Lao students who are studying and researching at colleges and universities in the province.

A tug of war competition at the exchange.

At the exchange, Lao students from Tay Bac University, Son La College and Son La Medical College participated in tug of war, water cup passing and camp decoration competitions.

Teams participate in the water cup passing competition.

The competitions attracted many Lao students as well as youth union members and young people in Son La province.

The fans enthusiastically cheer for the competing teams.

In the camp decoration contest, the teams showed their creativeness in presenting the scientific and technical contents and initiatives of each school. Each camp featured the traditional style and cultural space of the two countries. The traditional New Year celebration atmosphere of Laos was vividly recreated through activities such as arranging the traditional feast, water splashing and thread tying rituals for good luck.

The camp displaying technical ideas and initiatives of Tay Bac University.
Lao students from Son La Medical College introduce their traditional feast.
The camp of Son La College at the exchange.

The activities helped strengthen the solidarity and friendship between the youth of Laos and Vietnam and enabled Lao students to feel the warm and reunited traditional New Year celebration atmosphere like in their homeland.

The water splashing ritual.
The thread tying ritual for good luck.

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