Muong La nurtures traditional solidarity, friendship with Lao locality

In 2013, Son La province’s Muong La district set up a twinning relationship with Muong La district, Laos’ Oudomxay province. After more than 10 years of cooperation, the two districts have sent many working delegations to each other, held talks, exchanged experience, signed working minutes, and helped each other in socio-economic development.

Muong La district of Son La province and Muong La district of Oudomxay province sign a memorandum on cooperation for the 2023-2025 period.

Nguyen Van Tam, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Son La’s Muong La district, said that every year, the two sides exchanged delegations to reach consensus on their cooperation programme; and promoted popularisation of information, especially about the special friendship between Vietnam and Laos, the results of the two countries’ cooperation, and the policy of great national unity.

The two sides have promoted people-to-people diplomacy and tightened the long-standing friendship between their people, meeting the political, economic and social development tasks of each side, he stated.

On the occasion of the traditional New Year Bunpimay and the National Day of Laos, Son La’s district has sent a congratulatory letter to Muong La district of Oudomxay province, he added.

In March 2023, Son La’s district welcomed and worked with a delegation from Oudomxay’s Muong La district. The two districts exchanged experience in organising and implementing socio-economic development plans and Party building work.

They informed each other about their respective socio-economic situation and Party building work; summarised and evaluated their cooperation in the 2018-2022 period and set out cooperation directions and plans for 2023-2025.

Amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19, Son La’s Muong La district has provided the Oudomxay district with 50 million VND (1,964 USD) to buy medical supplies to serve the prevention and control of the pandemic.

It has successfully transferred a number of agricultural models, such as the models of growing green-skinned grapefruit, mangoes, peanuts, and green beans, to the Lao side. In 2019, the district People's Committee implemented an agricultural production model in Oudomxay’s Muong La district with a budget of 300 million VND (11,785 USD).

The two districts signed a working minutes on cooperation directions and plans for the 2023-2025 period, focusing such contents as further promoting popularisation and education of the special solidarity and friendship between Laos and Vietnam and between Oudomxay and Son La provinces in general and between the two districts in particular; strengthening cooperation in guiding and planning agricultural development; exchanging experience in tourism development; preventing and fighting natural disasters, and surmounting storm and flood consequences; coordinating in human resources training; and ensuring political security.

Lu Van Quy, head of the district's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that “During a working visit to the Lao district in June 2023, we discussed with the host’s specialised units to grasp the situation and data to serve planning orientation; provided training and guidance on techniques for planting and caring rice varieties N87 and N97. We also drafted orientations for agricultural development and fixing post-flood consequences for officials and people in Oudomxay’s Muong La district.”

On this occasion, Son La’s Muong La district donated 100 million VND for local storm and flood prevention efforts and 10 laptops to the host district.

Promoting the achieved results, the two districts will continue to cultivate, preserve and promote the faithful friendship and solidarity, and strengthen cooperation and mutual assistance to contribute to local socio-economic development and improving the quality of people's lives, thus further strengthening the traditional friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos.


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