Poetic Quynh Nhai reservoir attractive to tourists

As a destination for more than a decade, every spring, Quynh Nhai reservoir in Son La province is always filled with immense water, inviting tourists from near and far.

Quynh Nhai this season wears the deep green of the majestic mountains and forests, the jade green of the vast lake, and the tender green of young buds in orchards. The first stop when arriving at Quynh Nhai, visitors can offer incense to pay their respects to the talented female general of the Thai people at Nang Han Temple, and offer incense at Linh Son Thuy Tu Temple that has a 32m high statue of Guanyin Buddha, with the front facing the lake, and the back leaning against a limestone mountain. The statue was built high on a hilltop with the meaning of bringing peace to the river area and creating an impressive highlight for Quynh Nhai lake tourism. Its construction was completed at the end of 2020.

Tourists experience on Son La hydropower reservoir in Quynh Nhai.

Running along National Highway 279 from the district centre about 5 km, visitors will set foot on Pa Uon Bridge, which boasts the highest pillars in Vietnam and is more than 1.4 km long like a silk strip connecting the two banks of the Da River, facilitating the travel of locals and trade of goods. The foot of the bridge is always bustling with aquaculture cooperatives, and hundreds of fish cages raised all year round, bringing sustainable livelihoods to people. On both sides of the bridge are hotel complexes and eco-resorts being formed, beautifying and adding vitality to the Quynh Nhai reservoir area. From here, visitors will begin the journey to explore the lake by yacht to go upstream to the landmark of the old Quynh Nhai district centre.

On that journey, tourists can visit Uy Phong Bay to have new experiences with playing underwater air volleyball, fishing on the lake, having their feet massaged by fish, enjoying Da River fish dishes, and kayaking; or go to Heart Island and Da Giang Island for sightseeing. This is also an interesting meeting place every weekend for families and groups of friends for team building and camping. Traveling in the spring on Quynh Nhai reservoir, visitors can let themselves be immersed in the winds and clouds, and silently admire the towering limestone mountains reflecting on the shimmering, magical lake surface.

Lake tourism has become a new product with eight destinations qualified to welcome tourists, thus contributing to Quynh Nhai's innovation and development day by day. In addition, Quynh Nhai is also a meeting place not to be missed every Tet and spring with unique traditional festivals, especially the hair washing festival of the White Thai people held on the 30th day of the last lunar month, or the traditional boat racing at the beginning of the lunar year.

Quynh Nhai district is continuing to attract investment to improve the quality of current tourism products, while also developing new adventure products to explore water surfaces, cliffs and caves, and building unique cultural products, community-based tourism products and typical OCOP (one commune one product) products to make Quynh Nhai a provincial-level tourist area in the 2021-2030 period.

The scent of spring has spread everywhere, Quynh Nhai reservoir is at its most beautiful, which is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for every tourist who loves charming landscapes. Quynh Nhai is also a rendezvous worth visiting, not only to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the reservoir area, but also to find peace of mind amid beautiful nature that captivates people's hearts.


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