Boat racing in Ta Bu commune

A boat race and other activities to welcome the Year of the Dragon 2024 were held in Ta Bu commune, Muong La district, Son La province on January 19-20.

A boat race and activities are held to celebrate major holidays of Muong La district.

Immediately after the opening ceremony, nine teams with 63 athletes competed in the area where Bu stream flows into Da river, located in Ta Bung hamlet, with a distance of 400m. Each competition featured three teams, with seven male athletes each. The racing boat is a type of iron fishing boat. The three teams that completed the race in the shortest time were selected to the final.

Teams compete fiercely.

Along with boat racing, more than 300 people of 12 teams representing 12 hamlets and schools in the commune participated in other competitions such as tug of war, stick pushing and volleyball.

Teams compete in tug of war.

Within the framework of the festival, there were a cultural exchange programme, and booths introducing cultural products, local specialties, and commercial products of Ta Bu commune.


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