Son La province’s 12th Phu Dong Sports Games features men’s football

Seventeen men’s football teams with 204 members played for the first phase at the provincial Sports Training and Competition Centre on April 10 as part of the 12th Phu Dong Sports Games in Son La province.

The teams included eight from the primary school level, with 91 players from education and training bureaus of Son La city and districts, and the remainder from high schools in Son La province.

 A match between primary school students of Van Ho and Bac Yen districts.
A match between Son La High School for the Gifted and the provincial Continuing Education Centre.

The tournament featured the steps of drawing, dividing the teams into round-robin ones, selecting the top two to advance to the knockout round according to the regulations set by organisers.

Each team had five players for the primary school level and seven for the high school level in accordance with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF)’s rules. The matches took place in an exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The inclusion of football in the provincial Phu Dong Sports Games offered an opportunity for athletes to engage in exchanges, learn from each other’s experience, and demonstrate solidarity among the teams.

Spectators come to cheer for men's football teams at the high school level.

The first phase of men’s football competition is scheduled to conclude on April 15.


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