Over 80, 000 voters in Moc Chau district join voting on township project

More than 80,000 voters in Moc Chau district on May 12 cast votes on a scheme on the establishment of Moc Chau township, and the arrangement of commune-level administrative units to form communes and wards of the township.

Residents cast votes on the Moc Chau township scheme. 

At exactly 7 a.m., 180 polling stations in residential areas in the district opened simultaneously. By 10 a.m. the same day, all of the 15 communes and town had completed the voting, with a very high percentage of approval votes.

Under the scheme, Moc Chau township will cover 1,072 square kilometres, and a population of 148,259 in Moc Chau district. The current 15 communes and town will be re-arranged into eight wards and seven communes of Moc Chau township.

Voters in Muong Sang commune check the ballot box before the voting.

The results show that all of the 81,045 voters in the district cast their ballots, of them 81,033 (99.99%) saying “yes” with the establishment of Moc Chau township, and 80,961 (99.9%) backing the administrative boundary adjustments./.


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