Spring comes, sparking hope for further growth 

The Year of the Dragon has arrived and everything begins anew – flowers bloom and trees put on their green spring wardrobe. Known as the season of hope, spring comes with new energy, helping people feel more optimistic about a new year of successes and further growth.

Last year, the Party organisation, authorities and ethnic groups in Son La province stayed united to surpass difficulties, and affirmed the power of mettle and intelligence, thus achieving comprehensive results.

The local economy shifted positively, matching development goals of the province. Local budget revenue exceeded the estimate. Agro-forestry-fishery production continued to thrive, serving as a crucial pillar of the local economic structure. Son La exported more agricultural products to foreign markets, and modern processing plants were put into operation, ensuring stable markets for local farm produce.

Sơn La is proud to house the Moc Chau National Tourism Area recognised for the second time as the World's Leading Regional Nature Destination, contributing significantly to promoting local tourism.

Attention was paid to socio-economic infrastructure, creating momentum for local development. Administrative reform and digital transformation also saw progress. The material and spiritual lives of locals were improved, with eight districts and Son La city successfully providing housing support for impoverished families.

Last year, the locality also successfully organised many important cultural and political events, such as the first Sơn La Coffee Festival, the Son La Culture- Tourism Festival themed "World's Leading Regional Nature Destination" at the Moc Chau National Tourism Area, the Culture and Tourism Week of Vietnam’s Northwest in Luang Prabang province of Laos, and the "Colours of Son La - Northwest" programme under the Tourism Week of the Northwest and Ho Chi Minh City, leaving profound impressions on local residents, tourists, and international friends.

The Year of the Dragon holds special significance to the implementation of the goals and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, as well as the Resolution of the 15th provincial Party Congress.

Each Son La resident should look towards their roots, uphold the tradition of patriotism, overcome challenges to promote the image of Son La in the eyes of both domestic and foreign friends.

With the firm confidence, the Party organisation, authorities and ethnic groups in Son La will maintain their solidarity and consensus, make greater efforts, conduct reforms and innovations, turn challenges into opportunities for green, rapid, and sustainable development, and join common efforts to realise the goal of building a strong, prosperous and happy Vietnam./.




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