2nd stage of HCM City Television National Cycling Tournament in Son La a great success

The second stage of the 36th Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) National Cycling Tournament took place at Tay Bac (Northwest) Square in Son La city on April 4.

The opening ceremony of 36th Ho Chi Minh City Television National Cycling Tournament’s second stage

The second stage took place right after the first one held in Dien Bien province’s Dien Bien Phu city on April 3. This on-going tournament attracts the competition of 105 athletes from the 15 strongest clubs in Vietnam on 25 stages with a total route of more than 2,700km in various localities across the nation.

In the second stage, athletes completed 62km of four laps around Son La city in nearly 2 hours.

The tournament’s organising board gives souvenirs to local organisers.
Athletes start the race
 Riders start the race at Northwest Square.


They crossed many winding and steep mountain passes, which require them to be physically strong, maintain a firm strategy, and have experience in accelerating to reach the finish line in the fastest time.

Starting the race with a quite winding slope.
Racers riding through a Son La pass.
Cyclists accelerate to the finish line.
Joy of victory of the first racer reaching the finish line

At the end of the second stage, Petr Rikunov of the An Giang Loc Troi Group team won both the yellow and blue jerseys for the racer with the least total competition time and the sprint king, respectively. Nguyen Hoang Sang of the Le Fruit Dong Nai team won the orange jersey for the Vietnamese rider with the most impressive achievement. The white jersey (best young racer) went to Pham Le Xuan Loc of the Military Region 7 team. The tournament’s organising board also awarded many individual and team prizes to those with outstanding achievements in the second stage in Son La city.

After the second stage, athletes will move to Hoa Binh province for the next stage.

The organising board presents individual prizes to cylists with outstanding achievements.
 The organising board awards collective prizes to teams.
Petr Rikunov of the Loc Troi An Giang Group team wins the yellow jersey.

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