Physical exercise campaign, Olympic running day launched

The provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on March 23 held a ceremony to launch the campaign "All people do physical exercise following great Uncle Ho’s example" and the Olympic running day for public people, with the main sponsor being SHB Bank – Son La branch.

Participants in the Olympic running day 2024.


Attending the event were Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong, leaders of departments and agencies in the province, along with the enthusiastic participation of over 1,000 civil servants, public employees, members of armed forces, youth union members, students, and elderly people from agencies, units, schools, companies, businesses and communes and wards in Son La city.

The campaign and the running day were among practical activities to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the Vietnamese physical training and sports sector's traditional day (March 27, 1946 - 2024).

The Olympic running day was organised to encourage people to participate in the physical training and sports movement to improve health, and build a healthy lifestyle and cultural environment, contributing to strengthening the great national unity.

Members of armed forces participate in the Olympic running day.

Speaking at the ceremony, Cong called on all officials, civil servants, members of armed forces, workers, students, youth union members and people in the province to regularly exercise and join sports suitable to their conditions, ages, and strengths, contributing to well performing the province’s socio-economic development tasks.

Athletes participating in the Olympic running day.

After the launching ceremony, delegates and over 1,000 athletes representing officials, civil servants, public employees, armed forces, workers, teachers, students and local people ran six laps around the Tay Bac (Northwest) Square.

Athletes participating in the Olympic running day.

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