Son La city launches Traffic Safety Year 2024

Son La city’s Traffic Safety Committee held a ceremony at Tay Bac (Northwest) Square on January 29 to launch the Traffic Safety Year 2024.

Officers and soldiers of the armed forces, commune and ward officials, youth union members, youths and students in Son La city participate in the launching ceremony of the Traffic Safety Year 2024

Responding to the Traffic Safety Year 2024, themed “Complying with the laws to build a traffic safety culture", the city aims to reduce by 5-10% on all three criteria: the number of cases, the number of deaths and the number of injured people as compared to 2023.

In 2024, traffic safety departments at all levels will renovate content and diversify forms of dissemination and education of laws on traffic order and safety among the people.

They will increase patrols and control, and handle violations of traffic safety order, urban public order, and encroachment on traffic safety corridors; focus on fixing “black spots” and those with potential traffic accidents, handling inadequacies in traffic organisation on the road system, and improving safety conditions for people and vehicles.

They will restore order in road safety corridors and prevent re-encroachment of roads and sidewalks for business activities, while strictly handling violations and not letting any hot spot of public and urban disorder be formed.

Forces march to promote the Traffic Safety Year 2024 at Tay Bac Square



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