Chess competition at 12th Son La Phu Dong Sports Games

The Organising Board of the 12th Phu Dong Sports Games held a chess competition on April 10 morning at To Hieu High School in Son La city.

Athletes compete in chess.

Competing in this sport were 147 students from 14 teams of the Divisions of Education and Training of districts and Son La city, and 14 high schools, boarding secondary and high schools for ethnic minorities in the province. They competed at three levels: primary school (7 - 9 years old and 10 - 11 years old), secondary school (12-13 years old and 14-15 years old), and high school (16 years old and 17 - 18 years old). Athletes vied in a knockout format, with the most outstanding winning tickets to the final.

Athletes compete in chess.



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