Crossbow shooting kick-starts 12th Phu Dong Sports Games in Son La

A crossbow shooting competition opened at the provincial Sports Training and Competition Centre on April 10, marking the start of the 12th Phu Dong Sports Games in Son La province.

Athletes participate in crossbow shooting in the female individual's crossbow shooting event for the secondary school group.

Participating in the 20-metre crossbow shooting event were 11 secondary school teams and 16 high school ones, with nearly 100 athletes, competing in eight individual and team events. They competed fiercely, and demonstrated their techniques and tactics, and received enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

Athletes compete in crossbow shooting at a distance of 20 metres.
Referees on duty.

The inclusion of this traditional sport in the 12th Phu Dong Sports Games of Son La province helps educate children on folk sports, raise their awareness and sense of responsibility for preserving traditional sports of ethnic minorities in the province. The crossbow shooting event will end on April 13.



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