Phu Dong Sports Festival in Son La city a great success

The Son La city People's Committee on January 31 held the closing ceremony of the 27th Phu Dong Sports Festival 2024.

After 10 days, more than 800 students from 24 primary and secondary schools in the city completed competitions in nine sports, including chess, football, athletics, shuttlecock kicking, badminton, stick pushing, tug of war, crossbow shooting, and taekwondo for all ages.

A leader of the city Party Committee presents prizes to delegations with excellent achievements at the primary level.

The Organising Committee awarded 61 first, 61 second and 61 third prizes to the winning athletes in nine secondary-level events; 33 first, 33 second and 33 third prizes to athletes who won four primary-level events. The first team prizes were granted to the Chieng Le Primary School and the Chieng Sinh Secondary School; along with two second and two third team prizes.

A leader of the city People's Committee awards team prizes to schools with excellent achievements at the secondary level.



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