"Friendly Administration" pilot model launched in Van Ho commune

The Steering Committee for building "Friendly Administration" in Van Ho district on July 3 launched the "Friendly Administration" pilot model in Van Ho commune.

Van Ho commune’s civil servants sign a commitment to implementing the "Friendly Administration" model.

Implementing the province's direction on piloting the "Friendly Administration" model, Van Ho district has established a steering committee and chosen Van Ho commune to pilot the model with the goal of strongly innovating the working style of the grassroots administrations and building the style of "Respecting the people, being close to the people, understanding the people, learning from the people and being responsible to the people" towards the people's satisfaction towards officials and civil servants.

The "Friendly Administration" pilot model in Van Ho commune focuses on well implementing the following contents: "4 ‘xin’: xin chao (hello), xin loi (sorry), xin cam on (thank you), xin phep (asking for permission); “4 always: always smile, always be gentle, always listen, always help”; “5 don’t: don’t be bossy and cause difficulties or trouble; don’t be bureaucratic, emotionless and irresponsible; don’t involve in corruption, wastefulness, or group interests; don’t flatter or cheat; don’t take advantage of positions and power in performing duties"; "5 know: know how to listen to the people, know how to understand the people, know how to win the people’s trust, know how to apologize the people, and how to thank the people."

Delegates cut the ribbon to launch the "Friendly Administration" model.

Implementing the model, the communal People's Committee has arranged five qualified civil servants to work in the one-stop shop; established a team to guide people to use public services at levels 3 and 4 at the one-stop shop; ensured available computers with internet connection, printers, scanners, free high-speed wifi devices that meet the four criteria of "faster, more economical, more reasonable, more friendly" in handling administrative procedures for organisations and individuals.


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