Phu Yen district launches tree planting festival

Phu Yen district held a ceremony on February 20 to launch the tree planting festival, initiated by late President Ho Chi Minh more than 60 years ago.

 At the launching ceremony of the tree planting festival 2024 in Phu Yen district.

The movement on tree planting and forest protection has always received the enthusiastic response from Party committees and authorities at all levels as well as residents in Phu Yen district, contributing to preserving land and forests, protecting the environment, spurring economic development, and raising the living standards of locals.

Members of the Standing Board of the Phu Yen district Party Committee plant a tree at the festival.

Last year, Phu Yen planted about 450 hectares of forests and more than 400,000 scattered trees, contributing to raising its forest coverage rate to over 49%, towards the target of over 50%. The locality strives to plant 1 million new scattered trees by 2025.

Leaders of the Phu Yen district People's Committee join tree planting.

Right after the launching ceremony, local leaders and delegates participated in planting nearly 100 Taiwanese almond trees in the Dong Da Urban Area in Phu Yen town.


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