Quynh Nhai holds Determined to Win Emulation Congress of armed forces

On May 24, Quynh Nhai district organised the Determined to Win Emulation Congress of its armed forces in the 2019-2024 period.

 An overview of Quynh Nhai’s Determined to Win Emulation Congress of its armed forces in the 2019-2024 period.

In the period, the district armed forces' emulation movement has been carried out concertedly and widely, closely linked with local patriotic emulation movements, making a practical contribution to building all-people national defence and posture associated with people's security posture, and building strong defence areas. The quality of training, the building of regular forces, and discipline training have changed positively. The work of ensuring logistics, finance, and techniques has met regular and unexpected requirements and tasks. Two district-level and 27 commune-level meetings were organised, ensuring absolute safety of people, weapons and technical equipment. 

 In the past five years, 10 individuals were awarded the Determined to Win Military Flag Medal by the State President; 22 awarded the first, second, and third-class “Soldier of Glory” Medals; and hundreds of collectives and individuals have received certificates of merit from all levels, sectors, and localities.

Children perform to welcome the congress. 
Delegates visit a photo exhibition featuring activities of the armed forces of Quynh Nhai district.

In the 2024-2029 period, Quynh Nhai district will continue to improve and innovate the method of organising emulation movements in a practical way, combining peak and sudden emulation periods; promote the determined to win emulation movement aiming at improving the overall quality and fighting capacity of the armed forces, and improving the potential and strength of the all-people national defence; and encourage officers and soldiers to strive to build stronger armed forces which can successfully complete all assigned tasks.

A district People's Committee leader awards certificates of merit to collectives with excellent achievements in the 2019-2024 period.



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