Son La city holds 4th Congress of Ethnic Minorities

Son La city organised the 4th Congress of Ethnic Minorities 2024 on June 11-12.

At the 4th Congress of Ethnic Minorities 2024 of Son La city.

The city has 12 communes and wards, with 12 ethnic groups living together, of which the Thai ethnic group accounts for 49.7%. In the period 2019-2024, it has focused on implementing ethnic policies as a regular task of the entire political system, helping ethnic minorities have conditions and opportunities to promote their internal resources and tap potential and strengths, thus improving their material and spiritual life and ensuring sustainable development.

In the past five years, the city has invested nearly 3.37 trillion VND (132.45 million USD) in carrying out over 200 works and projects to serve ethnic minorities. Now it has three communes achieving advanced new-style rural standards and 37 out of 45 schools meeting national standards. It leads the province in terms of education universalisation criteria.

Attention has been paid to social security policies for ethnic minorities. The Standing Board of the city Party Committee has assigned officials and Party members to help all poor households.

As many as 158 houses have been built and repaired for poor households, at a total cost of 5.1 billion VND. In 2023, the city completed the elimination of makeshift houses. Currently it has only 80 poor households, accounting for 0.29%.

Delegates attending the congress.

With the theme "Son La city's ethnic groups unite for innovation, creativity, integration and sustainable development” in 2024-2029, the city strives to have two communes (Chieng Den, Chieng Ngan) meeting advanced new-style rural standards.

Hua La commune and Chieng Sinh ward health stations are expected to meet national health criteria for the period up to 2030. The rate of poor households is hoped to drop from 5% to 10% of the total poor households every year, and the rate of cultural families is set at 97.

All hamlets will have Party cells, 100% of commune-level officials and civil servants will meet prescribed standards; and 100% of hamlets will have cemented or asphalted roads.

The congress negotiated to select 11 official and 2 alternate delegates to the 4th Congress of Ethnic Minorities 2024 of Son La province.

On the occasion, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee awarded the certificates of merit to three individuals and the provincial Committee of Ethnic Affairs presented the certificates of merit to 5 individuals. The Chairman of the city People's Committee also delivered the certificates of merit to 140 outstanding individuals.

Individuals with outstanding achievements receive certificates of merit from the provincial People's Committee.
Individuals receive certificates of merit from the provincial Committee of Ethnic Affairs.
An art performance at the congress.

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