Son La works to ensure happy, safe Lunar New Year festival

Standing Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Lo Minh Hung on February 5 chaired a meeting on the preparation for and organisation of the 2024 Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.

 Permanent members of the provincial Party Committee look into a report on preparations for the Tet festival.

The Party delegation to the provincial People's Committee reported that as of February 2, Son La province had provided Tet support for 76,828 individuals who rendered services to the revolution, poor households, social policy beneficiaries, the elderly, children, workers, and others. The total funding reached over 39 billion VND (1.6 million USD), with 18.9 billion VND from agencies, associations and businesses.

Seven out of the ten districts have already provided rice for needy households, ensuring that no one will be hungry during Tet.

Thuan Chau and Mai Son districts are currently conducting rice bidding. Meanwhile, Muong La district has not organised such bidding but supported disadvantaged households during the holiday.

Provincial departments, agencies and associations have held working sessions to review the socio-economic situation, visited and presented Tet gifts to communes in Region 3 as well as policy beneficiary households.

The prices of Tet goods remain stable, with diverse and abundant supplies, meeting the increasing needs of locals. With various price stabilisation and promotion programmes, supermarkets and stores are attracting crowds of people, with purchasing power growing by 40-50%. The preparation of material and spiritual conditions for a joyful Tet celebration has received close attention from local authorities, in combination with the implementation of tasks set for 2024.

In his remarks, Hung suggested the Party delegation to the provincial People’s Committee continue to direct and urge departments, agencies, and localities to well organise Tet activities.

They should mobilise resources from the budget and support from donors to better take care of poor households, he said, asking Thuan Chau, Mai Son, and Muong La districts to immediately provide aid to households facing a food shortage before the 29th day of the last lunar month.

After the festival, there should be a comprehensive review of support for impoverished households throughout the year 2024. Simultaneously, proper preparation and organisation of post-Tet activities should be carried out, he said.

The official asked the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee propose the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee earmark capital from the "Fund for the Poor" to support localities with a high poverty rate that have not yet received Tet gifts. This ensures that all policy beneficiaries will receive gifts before Tet publicly and transparently./.


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