Yen Chau holds “Determined to win” emulation congress of armed forces

Yen Chau district on May 24 organised the “Determined to win” emulation congress of armed forces for the 2019-2024 period.

An overview of the “Determined to win” emulation congress of armed forces for the 2019-2024 period.

In the period, the “Determined to win” emulation movement of Yen Chau district's armed forces has been implemented comprehensively and concertedly, with many innovations, and closely associated with the patriotic emulation movement and other campaigns of the locality, and the appearance of more and more typical role models. The district's armed forces have always completed the set goals and emulation targets successfully.

Leaders of the provincial Military Command and the Yen Chau district Party Committee present congratulatory flowers to the congress.

In five years, the district organised 22 drills for defence areas at the district and commune levels, and exercises for forest fire and flood and storm response, and search and rescue. The district's armed forces deployed thousands of officers and soldiers to participate in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. They also supported the funds for the poor, sub-standard housing elimination, COVID-19 prevention and control; and gave gifts to young people joining the army, with a total budget of over 8 billion VND (314,000 USD).

In the past five years, 12 individuals were granted the Determined to Win Military Flag Medal by the State President, and 25 awarded first, second, and third-class “Soldier of Glory” Medals. The Military Region 2 High Command awarded certificates of merit to two collectives and six individuals; while the provincial People's Committee awarded the flag honouring the leading unit of the armed forces in 2021 to the district’s, and certificates of merit to 10 collectives and 26 individuals. The district People's Committee presented many certificates of merit to local collectives and individuals.

A leader of the Yen Chau district People's Committee awards certificates of merit to collectives.

In the 2024-2029 period, the district will continue to improve and innovate the method of organising emulation movements in a practical way, combining peak and sudden emulation periods; strengthen dissemination and encouragement of these movements; discover, foster and replicate typical models of standing forces, militia and self-defense forces, and standby ones, thus contributing to the successful implementation of local defence and military tasks.

Individuals receive certificates of merit from the Chairperson of the Yen Chau district People's Committee.



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