Action Month for Children 2024 launched in Son La

The Son La provincial People's Committee held a ceremony in Quynh Nhai district on May 22 to launch the Action Month for Children 2024 with the theme "Implementing practical action, prioritising resources for children".

 At the launching ceremony of the Action Month for Children 2024.

The province has nearly 381,700 children under 16 years old, accounting for 29.3% of its population. Over the past years, Party committees and authorities of localities across the province have paid attention to taking care of the material and spiritual lives of children.

All children under 6 have been granted health insurance cards; and babies under 1 have been fully vaccinated against diseases. The rate of kids under 5 with malnutrition decreased to 16.4%. Disabled and vulnerable children have been enabled to participate in special education programmes.

In 2023, authorities at all levels, sectors, unions, and units inside and outside the province donated more than 87,000 gifts worth over 6.9 billion VND (270,960 USD) in total to children in difficult circumstances.

They also organised screening programmes to detect facial defects, congenital heart defects, and motor impairments for over 2,500 children, of them 165 received surgery.

Responding to the Action Month for Children 2024, authorities at all levels, sectors and localities in the province will continue to focus on teaching life skills, self-protection and how to accidents, injuries, drowning and other dangers for children.

They will mobilise social resources to build facilities and purchase equipment to serve children's entertainment and sports practice needs; present scholarships, gifts, and school supplies to children, especially those living in remote areas and areas with special difficulties.

They will also fund screenings, surgery, and orthopedic interventions for disabled children; while supervising the implementation of policies for children, promptly detecting and strictly handling violations of children's rights.

Leaders of the provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the provincial Youth Union, and the Quynh Nhai district People's Committee present gifts to students in particularly difficult circumstances. 
A parade promotes children's rights and protection on the roads of Quynh Nhai district.

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