Construction begins on school for children in remote hamlet

The Son La provincial Youth Union, the provincial Police’s Youth Committee and the Phu Yen district Youth Union on May 24 coordinated with the Kim Bon Primary and Secondary Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities in kicking off construction on a school for children at Buong Pa hamlet, Kim Bon commune.

The work is under the “Beautiful school for children” project.

Delegates hands over money to support the construction of the school for children in Buong Pa hamlet, Kim Bon commune, Phu Yen district.

Representatives of the units awarded 200 million VND (7,852 USD) from the "Raising Moc Chau Children" and "Happiness for Children" projects. The school will include two solid classrooms, each 40sq.m wide, serving the learning of nearly 60 students. This is a work responding to the "Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign" 2024 of the provincial Youth Union and the provincial Police’s Youth Committee.

Construction begins on "Beautiful school for children".  

Since 2021, the Youth Committee of the Son La provincial Police has mobilised support for the construction of 40 works under the "Beautiful schools for children" and "Happiness for children" projects in the province. Of which, a project has started construction and 25 projects have been put into use in Phu Yen district. In addition, it has also supported more than 1,670 students under the "Raising Moc Chau Children" project in Phu Yen district.



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