Free swimming classes for Moc Chau children during summer

The firefighting and rescue police unit in Moc Chau area on July 5 coordinated with schools in the district to open free classes to teach swimming and drowning prevention skills for local students during the summer.

 A free swimming class in Moc Chau.

The course is being held at the swimming pool of Muong Thanh Holiday Moc Chau Hotel every Friday with two classes: morning and afternoon. Participating in the courses, students will be equipped with knowledge about swimming and basic swimming techniques, such as how to float in water, how to breathe underwater, basic skills to prevent drowning, how to recognise dangerous waters, how to save drowning people, and first aid skills.

Classes are held from July to the end of August. This is a useful playground during the summer, helping children practice physically; equip themselves with necessary knowledge and skills to prevent drowning and have a safe and meaningful summer vacation.



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