“Learning to be a policeman” programme launched

The Son La provincial Department of Public Security on June 12 coordinated with the provincial Youth Union to launch a programme entitled "Learning to be a policeman" in 2024.

The launching ceremony of the "Learning to be a policeman” programme 2024.

The programme attracts 105 "child policemen" aged 10-15, from schools in Son La, Dien Bien and Hanoi. During seven days (from June 12 to 18), the "child policemen" will learn about such topics as the tradition and history of the people's public security force; tidiness; policeman bravery; policeman pride; basic traditional family rituals; traffic safety; I love Vietnam's seas and islands; green warriors protect the environment; proud of Son La homeland; school drug prevention; fire prevention and skills to handle situations when a fire or explosion occurs.

The "child policemen" participate in the programme.

The programme aims to enhance education about the traditions of the People's Public Security force; improve children's sense of independence, discipline, life skills, and military experience. It is also to create a model of healthy, useful and interesting summer activities.


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