Thuan Chau launches irrigation work in 2024’s dry season

The People's Committee of Thuan Chau district on February 21 held a ceremony in Tham hamlet, Tong Lenh commune to launch the “All people engage in irrigation work’ movement in the dry season in 2024.

The launching ceremony of the “All people engage in irrigation work’ movement in the dry season in 2024.

Currently, the district has 248 irrigation works and four reservoirs, with a total length of over 321 km. Irrigation works have basically proven effective, ensuring the supply of water for domestic use and irrigation for fields, thus contributing to increasing crop productivity and output.

Delegates participate in dredging an irrigation ditch.

After the launching ceremony, leaders of the district and its divisions, organisations and people of Tham hamlet dredged Co Cai ditch, which is 3 km long.

People of Tham hamlet, Tong Lanh commune, dredge an irrigation ditch.

On the same day, in Cong hamlet, the People's Committee of Phong Lang commune also launched irrigation work in 2024.

People in Phong Lang commune engage in dredging an irrigation ditch.

Currently, the commune has 15 irrigation works, with a length of over 15 km. After the launching ceremony, local officers, civil servants and people repaired inner-field roads; dredged and cleared the flow of irrigation works in Cong, Dun and Nong Pong hamlets, with a total length of more than 4.1 km. The launch of irrigation work has created a vibrant working and production atmosphere right from the early days of spring, contributing to ensuring water for 103 hectares of spring-crop rice in the locality.


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