Bac Yen district welcomes 40,000 tourists

In the first quarter of 2024, Bac Yen district welcomed over 40,000 tourists, with total revenue from tourism reaching over 22.2 billion VND (889,160 USD).

Experiencing “di ca kheo” (walking on stilts) at the 2024 Boat Racing Festival in Song Pe commune.

Promoting tourism development, Bac Yen district has focused on exploiting potential tourist destinations such as the dinosaur spine in Hang Dong commune; A Phu cave in Hong Ngai commune; Khe Ho old stone site in Hang Chu commune; and the ancient tea garden in Be hamlet, Ta Xua commune.

At the same time, the district has also stepped up tourism promotion and organised festivals to attract tourists.

Currently, the district is surveying and developing new tourism products, such as the U Bo trekking route in Hang Dong and Samu trekking route in Xim Vang commune; and mountain climbing in Hang Chu commune.

It is also coordinating with the provincial Department of Construction to develop a general planning for a provincial-level tourist area in Ta Xua commune and surrounding areas, contributing to orientating effective and sustainable tourism development.



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