Canola flower fields in Van Ho district attractive to tourists

At this time, the canola flower fields in Van Ho district are blooming, attracting a large number of tourists to experience and capture beautiful moments during the early spring days.

A canola flower field in Long Luong village, Long Luong commune, Van Ho district.

The romantic canola flower fields not only create beautiful landscapes for the locality but also bring income to local people. The images of the canola flower gardens shared by tourists after each trip have spread on social platforms, helping Van Ho attract more and more tourists to visit and check-in.

Tourists capture beautiful moments in a canola field at the Van Ho Flower Garden in Long Luong commune.

The Van Ho Flower Garden in Long Luong hamlet, Long Luong commune has about 2,000 sq.m of mustard plants, creating an extremely eye-catching and unique space. The garden has been welcoming visitors since before the Lunar New Year. Every day, it greets 500-600 visitors from different regions to film and take photos.

Yellow mustard flower gardens attract tourists.

In Van Ho district, there are currently five mustard flower gardens for check-in in Long Luong, Chieng Di I, and Chieng Di II hamlets. The canola flower gardens offer entry tickets at a price of 20,000 VND (0.82 USD) per person for check-in, and 200,000-300,000 VND (8.2-12.2 USD) per person for wedding photography. They also rent Mong ethnic costumes for 20,000-30,000 VND per set.

Flower garden owners have created highlights for visitors to check-in with the flute - a typical musical instrument of the Mong ethnic people or lovely swings. In particular, they have creatively planted mustard flowers in the shape of a heart with the “Happy New Year” slogan.

The white and yellow mustard flowers bloom together, creating a beautiful picture that charms everyone. In a space filled with flowers and cool weather, visitors feel like they are immersed in nature, fully enjoying the spring vacation with family members and friends.

The romantic canola flower gardens that captivate visitors in Van Ho promise to be places tourists cannot miss during their spring trip in the new year when coming to the gateway of Son La in particular and the Moc Chau National Tourist Area in general.


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