Enterprises contribute to building Moc Chau National Tourist Area

On April 22, 2024, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism signed Decision No. 1077/QD-BVHTTDL regarding the recognition of the Moc Chau National Tourist Area. Achieving this result, along with the participation of Party committees and authorities at all levels, there were also important contributions from businesses and cooperatives operating in the field of tourism.

Tourists visit Happy Land Moc Chau tourist ite.

Moc Chau and Van Ho districts currently house about 50 typical businesses and cooperatives providing tourism services. Accompanying the local Party committees and authorities in the process of building the Moc Chau National Tourist Area, the units have actively developed new tourism products, with focus on existing strengths, such as ecotourism and agritourism, historical-cultural tourism and experiential tourism; and improved service quality towards tourists’ satisfaction.
Stemming from love and pride for the beautiful scenery of the homeland and the desire for more and more tourists to know about Moc Chau plateau, more than 10 years ago, the Pha Luong Tourism Joint Stock Company was established, focusing on developing tourism products in the two districts of Moc Chau and Van Ho. Currently, the company is managing and operating many attractive tourist areas and destinations, such as Dai Yem waterfall tourist site in Vat hamlet, Muong Sang commune; Moc Chau night market and pedestrian street in Moc Chau Farm town; Tay Tien Regiment 52 relic site in Moc Chau town; and "The Nordic Village" eco-tourism site located in the middle of the pine forest in Hua Tat hamlet, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district.

"The Nordic Village" ecotourism site Van Ho commune.

Dinh Hong Phuc, Deputy Director of the Pha Luong Tourism Joint Stock Company, said that in order to turn the Moc Chau National Tourist Area into an attractive destination, the unit focuses on investing in facilities at tourist attractions and sites; actively researching and creating new, unique, strange and attractive tourism products; and cooperating with travel and tourism companies to create a tourism ecosystem.
As one of the first tourist areas formed on Moc Chau plateau, Happy Land in Muong Sang commune always renews its tourism products to better serve the needs of tourists. The 5-hectare Happy Land, located in the middle of a valley, is known as the most beautiful flower garden with the most varieties of flowers in Moc Chau. Coming here, visitors can visit a sheep farm, and a market fair, participate in games, and capture beautiful photos in colourful flower gardens.

Happy Land Moc Chau Tourist Site attracts a large number of tourists.

Nguyen Manh Hung, Director of Happy Land, shared that the site always innovates itself to impress tourists in each season. No matter what time of year visitors come, they will feel a different and new space, making them want to come back.
In May 2022, the Moc Chau Island tourist site of Moc Chau 26 Tourism Joint Stock Company officially came into operation with the inauguration of the Bach Long Glass Bridge. Currently, Moc Chau Island has become a large-scale entertainment and resort complex in the northwestern region. Notably, the glass bridge holds three world records, recognised by three prestigious world organisations, namely the world's longest cliff side path; the world's longest glass-bottom bridge; and the world's longest glass bridge with a length of 632m.

Pieu Scarf Square at the Moc Chau Island tourist site.

Along with the glass bridge, Moc Chau Island is also famous as the most modern amusement park in the Northwest, with the games available for the first time in the region and Son La like zipline, rainbow slide, and mini F1 race. Tourists can also explore "God Bird Cave", and enjoy northwestern specialties at Tabamboo bamboo restaurant with an area of 2,950sq.m; and relax at the Bullet Hotel and glamping sites.

Mai Tri Tue, Deputy General Director of the Moc Chau 26 Tourism Joint Stock Company, said that Moc Chau Island aims to become a high-end tourist and resort site, associated with the responsibility for preserving nature, the environment and good cultural values, so as to become the top ideal destination for all tourists.

Bach Long Glass Bridge at the Moc Chau Island tourist site.

With the goal of developing the Moc Chau National Tourist Area into an attractive destination, the Party Committees and authorities of the province and the two districts have directed to focus on developing tourism to ensure safety; ensure harmony of factors of economy, society, culture and environment; harmonise the interests of parties participating in tourism activities: strengthen tourism management; and step up advertising and promotion.

Chairman of the Moc Chau district People's Committee Le Trong Binh stated that the district always creates favourable conditions in terms of procedures and documents to assist businesses in leasing land and obtaining land use certificates, while organising meetings and dialogues between the district People's Committee, sectors and businesses to exchange information and promptly remove obstacles and difficulties in production and business activities. As a result, the investment environment continues to be improved, attracting more potential businesses to consider and make investments in the locality.

Dai Yem waterfall tourist site in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district.

With this approach, in recent years, Moc Chau and Van Ho have focused on attracting investment and effectively mobilising resources to develop the Moc Chau National Tourist Area. The area has developed rapidly and sustainably with 324 accommodation establishments, 395 food service providers, and 58 shopping facilities. Since the beginning of this year, this tourist area has welcomed over 1.5 million visitors and earned over 1.5 trillion VND (58.9 million USD) from tourism services.

Tourists experience the Bach Long Glass Bridge.

With the companionship of the business community, the potential and advantages of the plateau have been tapped to become attractive tourism products, helping Moc Chau meet the criteria and conditions of a national-level tourist area, and promoting tourism development in Moc Chau and Van Ho districts.


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