Fruit picking festival on Moc Chau plateau attractive to tourists

As part of a series of activities to promote tourism and announce the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s decision recognising the Moc Chau National Tourist Area, the Moc Chau plum picking festival at Na Ka plum valley, Pa Khen 1 hamlet, Moc Chau Farm town is one of the important highlights, attracting a large number of tourists from near and far.

Na Ka plum valley, where the Moc Chau plum picking festival takes place.

Moc Chau boasts the largest plum growing area in the country, with nearly 3,500 hectares. Of which, about 3,000 hectares are under harvest. Moc Chau plum is grown and cared for under safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly VietGAP and organic processes. Moc Chau plum and its products are becoming more and more popular among domestic tourists and international friends.

The Moc Chau plum picking festival 2024.

The plum picking festival in Moc Chau district is held every year. After seven editions, the festival has become an annual cultural - tourism even and a typical agricultural tourism "brand" of Moc Chau district. Through the festival, the Moc Chau plum brand has been increasingly affirmed, creating trust, excitement and pride for plum growers, making an important contribution to creating a new, unique and attractive tourism product for the Moc Chau National Tourist Area – the World’s Leading Regional Nature Destination 2023.

This year’s event, taking place on May 17-18, continued to deliver the message "Producing clean agricultural products associated with environmental protection". It was an activity to preserve and promote the cultural identity of Moc Chau ethnic groups. From early morning, a large number of locals and tourists flocked to Na Ka plum valley in Pa Khen 1 hamlet, Moc Chau Farm town to participate in the festival. This is considered the most beautiful plum valley in northern Vietnam, surrounded by majestic and poetic mountains with an area of more than 1,000 hectares.

After a unique art programme imbued with the cultural identities of the ethnic groups on the plateau, delegates and tourists immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the festival. Eight teams from communes and townships attended competitions. The most anticipated was the fruit picking competition. Participants must pick up fruits by hand; and not shake the tree, break branches, smash fruits or do other acts affecting the plum tree. Amid the warm cheers of people and visitors, in just three minutes, four members of the competition team from Moc Chau Farm town picked the most with 40.5kg of plums.

The fruit picking competition at the festival. 


The fruit picking competition at the festival.
Fruit picking - the most expected competition at the festival.
The organising committee weigh plums picked by the competing teams.

Also exciting was a contest of eating the plums that the teams had just picked. Each team chose a representative to participate in the competition. He/she must show eagerness when eating plums and not leave too much flesh on the seeds. In the fruit tray arrangement contest, ripe red plums and some typical agricultural products of Moc Chau, through skillful hands, created tourist maps or famous tourist areas and destinations on the Moc Chau plateau.

The plum eating contest.
The fruit tray arrangement competition.

At the festival, the organising committee honoured nine outstanding farmer households and cooperatives who created the Moc Chau plum brand. Nguyen Xuan Van, Director of the Moc Chau Clean Agricultural Products Cooperative, which received the title of “outstanding plum growing and processing cooperative 2024”, said the festival brings excitement and pride to plum growers, and affirms the position, role and value of the Moc Chau plum tree.

“Through the festival, we wish to introduce and promote to domestic and international consumers the outstanding quality of Moc Chau plum because of its crispness, sweetness and aroma. Especially it is safe and good for health,” he noted.

Moc Chau district leaders present certificates to outstanding plum growing households and cooperatives.

Bui Thanh Hung, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, shared: “Coming to Moc Chau, I can enjoy the airy space, fresh climate, and many beautiful scenes. The happiest thing is that the first time I have participated in a fruit picking festival, seen with my own eyes the ancient plum trees, laden with fruit, and enjoyed the very fresh plums in the garden. I bought a lot of plums as gifts for my family and friends.”

The festival became more and more vibrant with ethnic sports competitions and folk games, such as tug of war and stilt walking, bringing interesting, unforgettable and memorable experiences to and leaving deep impressions on visitors.

The tug of war competition at the festival.

Le Trong Binh, Chairman of the Moc Chau district People's Committee, said that Moc Chau plum is a clean fruit that meets safety standards. The Moc Chau plum area is located in Son La province’s planned safe fruit production area. “We will continue to guide people to produce plums in accordance with safety standards and step up promoting the product to domestic and international friends,” he added.

 A Moc Chau district leader presents flowers to sponsors.

Moc Chau district's fruit picking festival brought interesting, unforgettable experiences and left deep impressions in the hearts of every visitor. It contributed to raising awareness of building a culture of environmental protection in the community, so that Moc Chau deserves the "The World's Leading Regional Nature Destination" title.


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